Wayfinding / Signage Systems / Branding


Key West, FL

H20 Suites

Project lead with HBA
Photos by H20 Suites
Luxurious adults-only resort in Key West that features 22 suites with unforgettable experience of private pools, a rooftop pool and bar, and beach access.


Solely planned and developed overall wayfinding system. Worked closely with the architect and interior design team to develop a cohesive signage design system that will enhance the property's design aesthetic. Reviewed samples and worked with a signage fabricator. 


Guestroom sign

Figuring out the best mounting solution due to the limited wall space while complying with the ADA guidelines.

Getting creative to work with the glass material.


Wayfinding Analysis + Research

wayfinding planning

wayfinding conceptual design

wayfinding design development

wayfinding design intent - for interior and exterior signage scope

Developed branding (logo design and basic hotel collateral)

Cohesive Signage Design

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